Samadhi Experience

Why Samadhi? According to the philosophy of Yoga, Samadhi is the last link in the path of a yogi. It means the appeasement of the mind to live the ecstasy of intuitive experience. It represents the meditative state, when we are able to break down the limitations of our mind to enter a state of pure consciousness, where everything is experienced as if it were the first time.


South American Andes

In Samadhi we want to take you to the most surprising stages of the South American Andes.

Our commitment is to achieve a real connection with the environment. That our excursions are not limited to the simple static memory of a photograph, but that it becomes a transcendental experience.


Different Themes

Our expeditions are specialized in different themes (trekking, mountaineering, geology, history & anthropology, flora and fauna, photography, astronomy, etc.).

We incorporate yoga sessions and other introspective and restorative disciplines (thermal baths and massages among others) in most of our programs.


The Best Services

We are known for offering exclusive routes, which few know.

We take care to include the best services: accommodations that have a distinctive seal, such as warm stays transformed into hotels in Patagonia or exclusive cabins in the middle of the world's driest desert.


Samadhi Experience


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Yoga Experience
 Yoga - Yoga outdoor - Safari - Fotografía
Trekking  - Naturaleza

Torres del Paine, Patagonia - Chile
17 - 20 de Septiembre 2022

Un encuentro cercano con este formidable felino.

Comenzaremos cada día muy temprano antes del amanecer, para observar de cerca y fotografiar al rey de la Patagonia en su hora más activa. Al igual que por las tardes, cuando el sol se esconde.

No sólo nos encontraremos con el puma. Tendremos la oportunidad de contemplar la riquísima fauna del Paine en una época del año poco concurrida, donde la naturaleza se manifiesta en su máximo esplendor.

Sesiones de Yoga guiadas por Gaba Fierro, en una hermosa sala de yoga de Puerto Natales y si el clima nos acompaña; sesiones de Yoga outdoor en medio de la pampa patagónica, con el macizo Paine como telón de fondo.

Además caminatas por sobrecogedores paisajes: de una belleza y pureza que conmueven.

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Awesome and memorable experience

"From the start of my retreat, it was an amazing experience. Josefina and Javiera were warm, friendly and welcoming from the time I met them. They provided delicious healthy fresh traditional Chilean meals that kept my palate happy, my tummy full and my energy peaked for the daily Yoga sessions.They had postive energy and were extremely patient with my sassy humor.Theseamazing women were more than just guides but they became friends.They led me on my first Hike abroad that was unnerving at first. But throughout the entire experience they were supportive, encouraging and ensured my safety was a top priority. They pushed me out of my comfort zone without compromising my confidence and I'm exceptionally grateful for them being apart of my milestone mini trek in South America. yoga instructor Gemma was absolutely amazing! She led me through a customized yoga practice that gave my body strength and recovery. Her bubbly spirit and our constant giggly exchanges just enhanced my experience and allowed me to really engage whole heartily. Gemma sincerely helped improved my independent practice, my confidence in Yoga and I'm forever grateful♥".

Allison Glasgow from Canadá



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