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Yoga Outdoor Experience

Parque Nacional Llanos de Challe - Región de Atacama
29 de Septiembre - 2 de Octubre


Travesía por el Desierto Florido - Fotografía - Trekking - Camping - Playa - Flora & fauna


Todo nivel

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$370.000 / $390.000 / $410.000

  • •Valores por persona expresados en pesos chilenos.

  • •Valor promocional: Descuento especial para grupos de 2 o más personas, (promoción válida hasta el Domingo 28 de Agosto).

  • •Valor Samadhi VIP: Personas que hayan participado de una experiencia Samadhi los dos últimos años.

  • •Descuentos no acumulables.


No one is indifferent to the beauty and immensity of the Atacama Desert...

The Cordillera de la Sal and its surreal settings such as the famous Valley of the Moon, which give us an idea of what life would be like on another planet.

The purity of the altiplano, with its immense lagoons, imposing peaks and volcanoes. Its pristine fauna: wild vicuñas and ñandús, flamingos and a hundred other birds, most of them migratory, traveling the planet in search of food and climatic conditions.

Its charming highland towns that seem frozen in time, with architecture and customs that are maintained over generations.

Kilometric salt flats that dazzle and transpire minerals. With its turquoise lagoons and delicate birds.

A range of colors and rock formations that make us measure the age of the earth, revealing before us geological phenomena millions of years old. We feel small. Freeing ourselves from our human egocentrism to make us reconsider that we are part of something much more powerful, that protects us, and that we are just one more species of the many that have populated the Earth...

Mighty rivers that flow through the driest desert in the world and remind us of the geological miracle that constitutes San Pedro de Atacama, turning it into a true oasis. An oasis that has been visited and populated over millennia by humans. In the beginning, nomadic peoples who crossed the immensity of the desert to cool off in this fertile oasis.

Atacama not only attracts for its beauty. The climatic conditions of the driest desert in the world (A perfect combination between height and dryness); they allow things to remain intact over time, without decomposition. This is what happens with the vestiges and artistic expressions of the ancestral peoples of the Atacama: Petroglyphs perfectly engraved on rocks, which guard steps and emblematic points used by human beings over millennia.

Atacama gives us a true open-air museum. Diverse representations of cave art, which can be explored and interpreted at the same time that landscapes of imposing beauty are traversed.


Yoga Outdoor experience: The immensity of the desert, the heavenly tones of the Atacameño sky at sunset and the mighty peaks and volcanoes of the Andes; They will be our backdrop when we practice yoga accompanied by live music: Ancient instruments that tune in with the sound of the desert wind. A sensory experience that involves all the senses. Difficult to express in words and that you have to live…


We will share around a fire and experience an astronomical tour under the ancestral worldview of the first settlers of Atacama, immersed in a remote place in the desert.

All this, under a true night show. The sun goes down and Atacama reveals the immensity of the Universe, reminding us once again that we are not alone and that we are part of something much larger and more powerful.

Come live the magic of Atacama with us!

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