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con Valeria Schneider

November 13th - 15th, 2020

Yoga Outdoor - Montaña - Trekking - Termas - Terapias

4 días 
Apto para todo nivel

VALOR Retiro 


valor normal

VALOR samadhi vip/ dharma


* Todos los pagos hechos a través de Mercadopago tienen un recargo del 0,06% del valor.

Valor promocional: Hasta el 8 de Noviembre.

 Valor Samadhi Vip: Personas que hayan participado de una experiencia Samadhi los dos últimos años.

 Valor Dharma: Alumnos Escuela Dharma Yoga.

 Valor normal: Después del 8 de Noviembre.

 Descuentos no acumulables.

•Consultar por descuentos para grupos.




At Samadhi Expeditions we always seek to pulsate with the organic rhythms of nature, that is why we have devised another experience to continue letting go and purifying ourselves during this fall.

Just like the Oaks do this time of year; Let's release the leaves that have already completed their cycle, to optimize our energies and bloom with splendor next spring.

Dying to be reborn...

Using the body as a channel for emotions. Outdoor Yoga in a unique yoga room: Immersed in a native forest, semi-outdoor so as not to lose contact with nature and feel part of it. Where the music of the birds will accompany our practices.


Our dear teachers Gaba Fierro and Surya Claudio will be in charge of the yoga classes. In the morning we will connect with silence with a Hatha Yoga class guided by Claudio, to end at sunset with an immersive experience: Harmonic Yoga with Gaba, who will be accompanied by percussion, digiridoo and other tribal instruments by Surya Claudio and Stephen MacKern.


We will have the afternoon free to get inspired by a fair of talented local entrepreneurs, where we will take advantage of launching the new line of clothing and accessories for yoga and outdoor life, which we are making together with our friends from Ácido Arte: PULSAR . Beautiful designs that also prioritize comfort and functionality to dress in harmony with nature.


All this at Glamping Biósfera Lodge. A unique place that has managed to fuse outdoor life with comfort and renowned cuisine. And that has just opened its SPA with an open-air hot hut, sauna and massage room.

Located  in a privileged place: at the foot of La Campana National Park with its spectacular views and its native sclerophyllous forests that are still maintained.

An Eden and only 1 hour and ½ from Santiago!

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